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Presentations at conferences hosted by Oracle Development Tools Users Group, Oracle Applications Users Group and International Oracle Users Group.
Tools and Tips
These are the Tools and Tips developed over time. These may be downloaded and used free of charge. However, please respect the copyright and acknowledge the source where appropriate. KnowTech Solutions Inc. does not take any responsibility for the product not performing although every effort has been made to thoroughly test the code.

Application Models

Models have been created to support business operations. The models have been developed using Oracle Designer and have been successfully used to implement fast track solutions. Your development team can jump start at the Module Definition. The Applications consist of fully normalized Logical and Physical models. A feature of the models is the support for multiple languages at the data definition level.

Business Party
Business Party defines any Person or Organization of interest. Establish a Business Party and associate it to any Business Transaction.
Asset Management
Provides an ability for full cycle Asset Management. The cycle starts with Identifying an Asset (anything of value to the Business) and ends with the Asset Disposal.
A solution for Organizations whose business it is to enter into agreements with other parties, be they companies or individuals, for the right to perform any of the activities for which the Organization is charged with enforcement.
Lookup/Reference Tables
Data consistency is maintained using a standard set of values for the inevitable descriptors. The Lookup Model allows for up to 4 Levels of Lookup hierarchy and supports any number of languages.
Health Care
Data Warehouse design is a model for Health Care Management. The focus is on being able to obtain information to make policy decisions such as effect of treatments for the old age. Dimensional Analysis is available for Location, Health Effects (Disease/Injury), Age and Gender. Selection criteria are user definable and may be combined with those established by others.
Price List
The price List of Applications currently available for deployment. All Modules are based on the Oracle RDBMS database and will work on version 8i and higher. We support both Client-Server and Web Deployment. Pilot Modules are available for evaluation for the Oracle Developer suite (Oracle Forms and Reports). We can custom develop for J2EE and VB .Net deployment. We recommend performing a Requirements Analysis to evaluate the best fit for your organization before customization.
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